Where Does Michael Jordan Live?

Michael Jordan, the former NBA star, has homes in Florida and North Carolina. He has become a bit of a real estate tycoon since retiring, buying up mostly foreclosed homes.

His home in Charlotte, N.C., which he purchased in 2013, is a huge, water-front property with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It is located by Lake Norman, measures 12,310-square feet and cost $2.8 million. This property allows Michael Jordan to be closer to his basketball team, the Bobcats.

Michael Jordan has also built his dream family home, which is a three-story mansion on a three-acre piece of land in Jupiter, Fla. It is thought to be the most expensive non-waterfront home in the Palm Beaches, having cost $4.8 million for the land and $168 million for the construction of the property.

Jordan also owns a luxury condo in Charlotte, N.C. and a property in Salt Lake City. He has sold his Chicago mansion for $29 million.