What Do Mexican People Eat?

Mexican cuisine varies by region, but common dishes include corn tortillas, tacos and tortas, a Mexican sandwich. Mexicans eat a lot of meat, including beef, chicken, pork and seafood along the coastal regions. Mayan dishes are common in the southern tip of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a melting pot of global influences. Yucatecan food is influenced by Asian and Arabic cuisine and features Mayan ingredients. Papadzules are a common Yucatan dish of rolled tortillas containing hard-boiled egg topped with squash-seed and tomato sauces. Northern Mexicans eat larger tortillas and burritos, unlike most Mexicans. Spanish rice and refried beans are also staple dishes in the North. Beef is preferred over other meats.

In Southern Mexico, most people eat chicken and vegetables instead of beef. Black beans are more prevalent there and dishes are often served with plantains. Fish tacos are very popular in Baja California. The peninsula is the home of Caesar Salad, according to About.com. Spanish influence is strong in Baja and paella is very common due to the abundance of seafood. Grape cultivation and wineries are common in Baja. Puebla is home to mole, a complicated and celebrated sauce consisting of ingredients such as cocoa and tomatoes.