Which Metal Is Used for Most Car Bodies and Why?


The metal used for making most of the car bodies is steel. Steel is manufactured by mixing iron and carbon. This combination makes it harder and stronger than pure iron and other metal. It is one of the most commonly manufactured and used metals worldwide.

Steel is cheaper than most of the metals. It can easily be folded to form different shapes without breaking. This property facilitates the making of the curved parts of car bodies. Apart from making the car bodies, other uses of steel include making the rods of concrete buildings, domestic appliances, nails, engines and construction of bridges.

Although popular, steel rusts faster than most metals. As such, cars and most of other equipment made of steel are painted to prevent corrosion. Painting of steel also makes it appear impressive and enhances its durability.

Apart from steel, other metals that are used to make car bodies are iron and aluminium. However, these two metals are not efficient. For instance, iron is not commonly used in making car bodies because it cannot be bent to form the curved parts of the car body. Aluminium, though durable and not easily corroded, it is expensive due to its scarcity.