Where Do You Get the Metal Coat in "Pokemon FireRed"?

The metal coat in “Pokemon FireRed” is located in the southern segment of Memorial Pillar, near the memorial. To reach Memorial Pillar, the player needs a Pokemon that knows the Surf ability. On the in-game map, Memorial Pillar is located to the northwest of Five Isle Meadow and to the southeast of the Sevii Islands. This item can be found in the same location in “Pokemon LeafGreen.”

The metal coat is a rare item and one of the few items in “Pokemon FireRed” that powers up elemental moves. The metal coat powers up steel type abilities by 20 percent for the Pokemon that is holding the item. Both Onix and Scyther need to be holding the metal coat when the player trades them so that they can evolve. Onix evolves into Steelix, and Scyther evolves into Scizor.

It is possible to get another metal coat in “Pokemon FireRed,” but it has to be won as a prize in the Trainer Tower. To win the metal coat, players have to beat Knockout Mode. This is a mode that breaks from traditional Pokemon battles by making the player fight three trainers consecutively. There are eight floors that the player most overcome, and they must be cleared in a set amount of time to win the metal coat.