Why Is Mercedes Eliminating the Spare Tire From New Vehicles?

Mercedes is eliminating the spare tire from new vehicles so that customers get more trunk space in their cars. Car manufacturers claim that ditching the spare tire and jack results in an increase in miles covered per gallon of fuel.

Mercedes is using run flat tires to eliminate the need for a spare tire on their cars. They design newer cars with trunks that cannot accommodate a spare wheel thus creating more trunk space for the car owner. MOExtended branded tires means they were specifically made for Mercedes-Benz cars.

The run flat tires have reinforced sidewalls that allow them to run with little or no pressure. Non-MOExtended tires are designed to offer mobility for up to 50 miles at 50 mph, while the MOExtended tires offer mobility for up to 20 miles on a fully loaded car and 50 miles on a lightly loaded car after the tire monitoring system gets triggered and notifies the driver of wheel pressure loss.

Other advantages of MOExtended tires are the car’s steering, and handling aren’t affected even after a sudden deflation, and lack of a spare wheel and other tire repair tools leads to a lower car weight. Run flat tires are more expensive compared to standard ones, and they aren’t easy to find in most auto-shops.