Why Was Mentadent Discontinued?

Arm & Hammer Mentadent Advanced Whitening toothpaste is not discontinued as of April 2015, but customers have reported a lack of availability in their local stores since late 2014. Purchase the toothpaste online at Amazon.com or Drugstore.com or at selected drug stores and retailers nationwide.

Mentadent toothpaste comes in a unique, pump-style canister that keeps the active ingredients, baking soda and peroxide, from mixing until they are dispensed. The reaction between the baking soda and the peroxide creates tiny oxygen bubbles, and Arm & Hammer asserts that these bubbles aid in clearing debris from between teeth and cleaning along the gum line.

To use Mentadent toothpaste, place the canister on a flat surface. Open the flip-top lid, and depress the top with the palm of the hand until the toothpaste comes out evenly. Wipe off the canister, and close the lid tightly between uses. Keep the dispenser even after the toothpaste is gone; just insert a Mentadent refill package into the empty dispenser to continue using it.

Some major chains, including CVS, Target and Walmart, still stock Mentadent but only in certain stores, and local supermarkets and retailers may carry the brand as well. Visit CVS.com, Target.com or Walmart.com to determine which locations stock Mentadent toothpaste.