What Is “medical Payment Data”?

“Medical payment data” refers to a delinquent medical-related financial account that appears on a person’s credit report. According to credit-reporting agency Experian, this vague entry is listed in a manner that does not violate the privacy of the patient with the delinquent account.

A problem associated with a listing of medical payment data is the likelihood that the actual creditor who is owed money is not listed on the credit report. For example, if a person has a delinquent financial account with a cancer specialist, neither the physician’s name nor his area of expertise appears on the credit report to protect the patient’s privacy.

However, some people try to fix their credit report after years of delinquency and are not familiar with all of their debts. In this case, a person can go directly to any of the credit-reporting agencies and ask for a copy of his personal credit report. In place of medical payment data, the actual creditor appears on this adjusted report.

If the person owing money wants to request his report directly from Experian, he can do so at no charge by going to the Experian website. If a medical financial account using this terminology seems inaccurate, the Adverse Action link underneath the listing should be selected.