What Medical Challenges Has Vincent D’Onofrio Faced?

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

Medical challenges faced by Vincent D’Onofrio include autism and dyslexia. During his time on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” he collapsed multiple times due to exhaustion, and his weight fluctuated. While filming “Full Metal Jacket,” he injured his knee and required surgery.

D’Onofrio collapsed while working on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” on Nov. 10, 2004. A few days later, he collapsed again at his home. Doctors diagnosed him with exhaustion after admission to the hospital.

The actor?s heavy workload likely caused the collapses, since television drama series often have shooting schedules that can require an actor to work 14 hours per day. Although many actors have a daily scene maximum written in their contracts, D’Onofrio didn’t at the time, as most of his prior experience was in movies. Before his collapses, instead of resting during the break after the show’s prior season, D’Onofrio also worked on a short film, “Five Minutes, Mr. Welles.” One “Law and Order” producer noted D’Onofrio’s hands-on personality and that this increases his workload.

Born on June 30, 1959, D’Onofrio was a shy child whose parents divorced early in his life. He has a reputation for his ability as a character actor. For one of his first major roles as Private Leonard Lawrence in the movie “Full Metal Jacket,” D’Onofrio gained 70 pounds. He lost most of the weight within nine months.