How Do You Get Free Medical Alert Bracelets?

Jay Reilly/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

As of 2015, qualified individuals can obtain one medical alert bracelet at no charge from the MedicAlert Foundation, according to the organization’s website. To request a bracelet and three years of free medical alert services, fill out the enrollment form online at You must also provide a brief written statement asserting financial hardship and proof of disability or participation in a government-sponsored, needs-based assistance program such as Medicaid, MediCal, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Supplemental Security Income.

To provide proof of eligibility, send a copy of your Medicaid or MediCal card, a copy of your SNAP assistance or a copy of your current year’s award letter from SSI or Social Security disability showing the dollar amount of your monthly determination. Alternatively, send a note from your physician that affirms your participation in one of these programs on a prescription pad or the doctor’s letterhead. Mail the information to the MedicAlert Foundation’s Sponsorship Service Program at the address shown on the website, the MedicAlert Foundation explains.

The MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization that provides a link between individuals in the community and first responders, states the organization’s website. The foundation solicits donations from members in order to provide free services to those in need. It maintains a 24/7 call center and an emergency health record for all registered participants so that each person’s medical information is available immediately to first responders and health care personnel. The organization also offers fee-based subscriptions to its services and sells medical alert bracelets for children and adults.