What Mechanics Shops Are Open on Sunday?

The automotive service centers at Walmart and Sears are open on Sundays. While the specific hours vary from location to another, both of these retailers offer auto repair seven days a week.

The services available at Walmart’s automotive centers are more limited than those at Sears. At Walmart, consumers can get new tires and batteries installed. Oil changes, fluid tests and other preventive maintenance tasks that are scheduled at regular intervals of mileage on the car are also available. Walmart provides consumers with a slip and a barcode so that they can shop in the associated Walmart store and scan the barcode at readers placed throughout the location to find out whether the car is ready or not.

Sears Auto Services offers a more comprehensive range of maintenance for consumers. In addition to tires, batteries, oil changes and regularly scheduled maintenance, Sears also offers brake repair and installation, work with suspension and steering and inspection and repair of the car’s electrical system. While almost every Walmart has an automotive center, not every Sears offers automotive services. However, as of 2015, there are more than 700 Sears automotive locations in the United States. Sears also lets customers book a repair appointment online to minimize waiting times.