How Do You Measure a Wheelbase?

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Measure a wheelbase by taking a straight length of wood or metal, align it with the center of two axles, mark the stick and then measure the length between the marks. A wheelbase measures the distance between the center of one axle to the center of another.

  1. Straighten the wheels

    Place the vehicle or equipment on a level surface. Straighten the turning wheels so they point forward. Find the center of each wheel, usually in the middle of the lug nuts or the screws.

  2. Find a straight stick

    Locate a sturdy measuring stick, usually a straight piece of metal or wood. Make sure the length is longer than that of the distance between the two wheels. The stick does not need to have measurement markings on it like a yardstick.

  3. Position the measuring tool

    Place the measuring tool adjacent to the center of the rear axle, and have a helper place the measuring tool adjacent to the center of the front axle. Mark the spot where the wood or metal is exactly at the center of both axles.

  4. Measure the distance

    Take a tape measure, and denote the distance between the two marks. This length is the wheelbase. Compare your measurement to that of factory specifications. Ideally, the wheelbase is the same on both sides of the vehicle. Repeat this process for the opposite side.