What Is Meant by Ethical Practice?

Amanda Rohde/E+/Getty Images

Ethical practice refers to the standards of professional conduct that any industry professional is expected to uphold. From medicine to business, all industries have some form of ethical practice required of their professional members.

The Free Dictionary defines ethical practices as set standards of moral conduct and judgment. These standards govern the professional conduct of an employee in any profession, particularly those who are responsible for interacting with the public. According to the Houston Chronicle, employees at all levels of an organization are expected to uphold various types of ethical practices. Practices involving justice ensure that both employees and potential customers are treated fairly and respectfully. Practices centering on integrity uphold the integrity and values of a workplace, ensuring that the company’s values are represented accurately to anyone who comes in contact with its employees. In professions where employees come into contact with sensitive customer information, confidentiality is an important ethical practice to uphold. The medical field is perhaps the best known example of a profession with a strong emphasis on confidentiality. Breaches of patient confidentiality and privacy can even be punished by the law. A final type of ethical practice occurs when employees exercise self-control and discipline in the face of deadline pressure and conflict within the workplace.