What Are the Meanings of the Dashboard Symbols and Warning Lights on a Ford Falcon?

The Ford Falcon’s dashboard symbols and warning lights indicate fuel level, oil pressure, oil temperature, speed and generator status. The Falcon manual contains explanations of the symbols and lights and provides instructions regarding how to test and diagnose related problems.

All Falcon models include a red indicator light that turns on and flashes when oil pressure falls below a safe level. Even when levels are safe, the light flashes when the driver first turns the ignition switch. It turns off when the engine is brought to a high enough speed. The light is connected between the oil pressure switch unit and the coil or ignition terminal of the ignition switch.

The speedometer measures the car’s speed while driving and is connected to the output shaft of the transmission by a flexible shaft and a drive gear. The needle dynamically changes position as the car travels and indicates speed by pointing to lines on the dashboard that represent specified speed markings.

The fuel gauge indicates the fuel level on a spectrum from empty to full by utilizing a needle to point to specified markings.

The temperature gauge operates similarly to the fuel gauge, but the needle’s position indicates the engine’s temperature.