What Is the Meaning of Solid Black Armband Tattoos?

A solid black armband tattoo is used to denote experiences associated with mourning and suffering. These emblems are placed on the ankles, wrists and arms. The meaning associated with these tattoos is easily personalized to fit each person who receives one or more.

Black armband tattoos take their roots from black cloth armbands traditionally worn as a sign of mourning. These circles of cloth were worn over the sleeve of a shirt or jacket or just on the skin in the days and weeks following the passing of a loved one.

In order to carry the memories of a lost friend or family member past the duration of wearing a physical arm band, many people choose to have black arm bands tattooed on their skin. This serves as a permanent, personal reminder of a special person and shows an individual’s dedication to the remembrance of the person he lost.

Black armband tattoos are commonly placed on the wrists and ankles. Some people elect to have bands on their upper arm near the shoulder or on the top of the forearm by the elbow. Black armband tattoos are placed as single or double bands and vary in thickness depending on the recipient’s wishes.