What Is the Meaning of the Fifth Wedding Anniversary?

Jason Sussberg/CC-BY 2.0

The fifth wedding anniversary is the “wood” anniversary. Traditionally, couples give wood-themed gifts to each other on this day. If a couple prefers not to give wood items, silverware is the other appropriate gift for a fifth wedding anniversary.

The fifth anniversary is an important milestone in a couple’s life together. After five years together, they have formed a strong bond. Because of this, wood is the symbolic gift traditionally given on the fifth wedding anniversary as it represents strength and stability.

A couple can choose to give each other wooden desk ornaments, wooden necklaces and cuff links or any other type of wooden gift they choose. Although paper is made of wood, it is best not to give paper gifts for the fifth anniversary; paper, after all, is the traditional, meaningful gift for the first anniversary.

If the couple does not want to give wooden gifts, the contemporary wedding custom for the fifth wedding anniversary is a new set of silverware. This is a sensible gift because after five years the original wedding silverware is likely to be worn out or tarnished. A new set of silverware brings a sense of freshness to the family home and also symbolizes a couple’s strength.