What Is the Meaning of “development Administration”?

“Development administration” refers to the administration of policies, programs and projects that contribute to the development of a nation and have significant sociopolitical and socioeconomic impact on the countries involved. It is performed by bureaucrats who are talented and highly experienced. Development administration models are driven by the desire for change. Most development functions have specific objectives, and planning for both resources and time is crucial to the model.

The Management Study Guide indicates that development administration is conducted in two categories: administrative development and administration of development. Administration of development involves the management of scarce resources with objectives that include innovation through the planning process, development at a grassroots level, human capital growth and a combination of politics and administration to facilitate changes in the society. Administrative development involves building the capacity for effective decision making within project committees, developing skills and competencies to handle complex issues in personnel management, personnel training to build capacity and create accountability, and eradication of corruption through transparency. In order to achieve development goals, it is crucial that proper planning is done and resources are utilized optimally. The projects must embrace innovation through technology and transparency in all the processes, which can be accomplished through effective development administration.