What Is the Meaning of a Black Rose?

Nicolas Bertrand/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A black rose, similar to the color black, symbolizes death; it is most commonly used when referring to the death of a friendship or relationship. A black rose is not truly black, but is actually a dark red.

Roses come in many different colors and all of the different colors have different meanings and symbols. The most common seen rose and the one with the most popular connotations is the red rose. A red rose symbolizes true love. It always conveys extremely deep emotions; it can be used to convey love, passion and desire. Red roses that are darker or more of a maroon color will often signify sorrow and regret.

White roses symbolize purity and innocence. They are generally associated with weddings, babies and with new beginnings because of the fresh start that is often associated with white. Pink roses are another popular rose option. They are similar to the red rose, but do not convey emotions as strong as the red ones. They often show friendship and joy, but can be a light reminder of love. Pink roses are a symbol of sweetness and innocence. They can also be seen as one of the most elegant and graceful roses.