What Is the Meaning of a Birthmark on the Thigh?

Ancient Chinese tradition holds that a birthmark on the inner thigh is a predictor of prosperity and wealth. On a man, a thigh birthmark means that he is going to inherit riches. On a woman, a thigh birthmark means that her work is going to make her rich. A birthmark on the inner thigh also signifies that an individual is respected by others and has a pleasant personality.

Generally, the ancient Chinese believed that moles and birthmarks on the front of the body, such as those on the face, neck, torso, thighs, legs and feet, were a sign of good fortune. However, there are those who believe that they are marks from a previous life. For instance, the author of “Someone Else’s Yesterday,” Jeffery Keene, had marks on his body that he believed corresponded to the wounds that General John B. Gordon received in the Civil War. Dr. Ian Stevenson, a reincarnation researcher and author of a paper titled “Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons,” claims to have documented hundreds of such cases.

There are also scientific explanations for the origins of moles and birthmarks. Some are inherited, while others are caused by medical conditions. They should be examined by a physician, and they require special attention if their color, appearance, shape, texture or size changes. Such changes could be a sign of skin cancer.