What Is the Meaning of Barbed Wire Tattoos?

Simon Brass/CC-BY 2.0

Barbed wire tattoos have several meanings including hope, faith and salvation. According to Tattoo Need, the barbed wire was not invented until 1865, so there are no barbed wire tattoos preceding this date.

In April 1865, barbed wire was patented. Shortly after, in 1867, seven people also had the same idea for barbed wires, and it would soon become a tool used in agriculture, around gates and in war.

When used in tattoos, the symbolism closely relates to Christianity. The barbed wire can be symbolic of Jesus’ crucifixion and the crown of thorns he was forced to wear on his head.

The main meanings of barbed wire include salvation, which is directly a result of the crucifixion, hope and faith. Barbed wires may be used in collaboration with other symbols like skulls, feathers, fish or birds, and people may wear them around different parts of their bodies. The most common areas for a barbed wire tattoo to be placed include the wrist, neck, biceps and forehead.

A few popular celebrities have barbed wire tattoos. They include Cheryl Cole, Elizabeth Olsen and Brian Urlacher. Cheryl Cole has the barbed wire around her thigh, while Elizabeth Olsen has one around her arm.