What Is the Meaning of 777?

777 is a number commonly associated with good luck and supernatural powers. In Christianity, the number 777 represents holiness in contrast to the number 666, which denotes evil and negative spiritual influence.

Many cultures interpret 777 as a positive number with magical powers because it has appeared within the context of divinity and supernatural phenomena. There is even a branch of study called numerology that uses numbers to determine a person’s life purpose and future. Numerology often refers to 777 as a number associated with introspection and creative self-expression. 777 also represents optimism and intuitiveness in a person, which may be the reason that most people who see the number 777 in their daily lives feel compelled to believing a positive event will occur to them in the near future.

People usually encounter the number 777 on the floors of casinos around the world. Slot machines use the number combination to signify a winning spin and to encourage the player to feel lucky while gambling. According to casino website 777.com, Japanese slot machines are more likely to produce the 777 combination due to the computer chips used in the machines. However, the number 777 is not only used to entice more people to play slot machines but also to reaffirm the belief that the number represents everything that is “good.”