What Does It Mean If You Have More White Blood Cells Than Red?

A person with more white blood cells than red blood cells may be suffering from a condition referred to as pediatric blood cell disorder. In this condition, the bone marrow produces many or less white blood cells. When the while blood cell count range is above the normal, the condition is referred to as leukocytosis, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

An elevated amount of white blood cells in the blood indicates that a person has leukemia or other conditions, such as whooping cough and measles, as noted by Healthline. Causes of leukocytosis include tissue damage, immune reactions, bone marrow problems, certain medications and emotional stress. A person may experience different symptoms, including bruising, fever, pain, breathing difficulties, dizziness, weakness and loss of appetite. A doctor will look at the medical history and medication records of a patient when diagnosing the condition to understand the cause.

Fortunately, the condition can get better on its own without treatment, as stated by Drugs . The doctor will determine the main cause of leukocytosis in the body. The patient will need to take intravenous fluids to increase fluids in their body. Medication may be provided to treat the condition that is causing the condition. A person may also undergo leukapheresis, a procedure to reduce the count of white blood cells, as stated by Drugs .