What Does It Mean When U Have a Dream You Are Being Shot At?

George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Dream interpretation is not an exact science. The meaning of dreams varies from person to person. That said, dreaming of being shot at can hold a few different meanings. According to some, being shot with a gun or being shot at by a sniper both mean that you are harboring resistance against some sort of opposition or feel persecuted or abused.

Dreaming of shooting can mean that “you know exactly what you want from life and you are following the correct path to achieve that objective,” says DreamForth.com. There are many different interpretations of shooting dreams. The exact interpretation can vary from person-to-person, as well as vary depending on the dream and situation.

Dreams are unconscious manifestations of our internal thoughts and struggles. These stories use symbols to convey how one is feeling rather than logic or words. While there are many agreed upon interpretations of dream symbolism, the most important interpreter is the dreamer and interpretations are more accurate with a little context. For example, if shooting target practice is a person’s hobby, they might have dreams about it, and the meaning would be different than for a person who has never held a gun. Similarly, if a soldier or veteran dreams of being shot at, the meaning is likely different than for a person who has never been in combat.