What Does It Mean If I Turn Into an Animal in a Dream?

Les and Dave Jacobs/Cultura/Getty Images

Dreams regarding transformation into an animal, or zoomorphism, indicate less civilized and less restrained thoughts and feelings, according to Dream Moods. Another interpretation revolves around repressed primal desires and instinctual urges coming to the surface. It is important to consider the characteristics of the animal the person turns into during a dream.

The dreamer may desire to assert one particular personality trait related to a certain animal. Astrology.com states another aspect of zoomorphism relates to the need for someone to disguise his or herself. Turning into an animal could relate to obsessive behavior, according to Dream Bible. The dream may also elucidate feelings towards someone else who is acting in a less civilized manner.

Zoomorphism may also reveal an animal guide or totem to the dreamer. Dream Stop explains someone gains the traits and strengths of the animal’s instincts. The website suggests carrying a small likeness of the animal in a pocket to harness this psychological energy.

Authors use zoomorphism as a literary technique by which animal attributes are given to characters in a story. Animal behavior is placed upon people, places, events and plot elements of a work, according to Literary Devices. Zoomorphism means giving a human animal-like characteristics, while anthropomorphism assigns human behavior to animals.