What Does It Mean If Your Refrigerator Works but the Attached Freezer Does Not?

Karen Moskowitz/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A freezer that is attached to a function refrigerator may not work properly when the door doesn’t seal, there is a blockage in the drain lines or the cooling system is malfunctioning. Adjusting the temperature controls may also be necessary to fix the problem.

Most temperature controls are located inside the refrigerator, near the back of the top shelf. Locate the control knob for the freezer and adjust it as needed. If the freezer controls are set properly, the drain lines can be cleaned to remove blockages that prevent proper cooling.

The drain line is typically located under the refrigerator, directly above the drain tray. Unplug the refrigerator, and flush the drain line with a mixture of bleach and water to remove any blockages. Remove and clean the drain trays after cleaning the lines. Plug the refrigerator into an outlet after cleaning the drain lines, and wait for 30 minutes before checking the temperature inside the freezer.

To determine whether the seal is faulty, close the freezer door on a piece of paper or a dollar bill. The paper should not slip out easily if the door is sealed. If the paper slips out easily, use a carpenter’s level to ensure the refrigerator is straight, and clean around the seal before testing it again. If the freezer is still too warm, the issue may be the coolant lines. Professional assistance is required if the coolant lines are malfunctioning or other parts of the system need repairs.