What Does It Mean to File a Congressional Complaint?

Filing a congressional complaint means consulting a member of congress and asking him or her to put forth the issue that you have raised for debate in Congress. This is normally one of the avenues that members of the armed forces can use to raise issues, such as acts bribery within the ranks.

The process of filing a congressional complaint is simple. The first step is to clearly define the problem at hand. The more the information provided, the easier it is for the relevant member of Congress to address the issue and ensure that they follow it up. Congressional complaints are normally written in the format of a business letter and emailed to the recipient, but there are a few departments that may require the person making a complaint to send a paper copy of the complaint. Once this is done, a member of staff from the office of the member of Congress then sends a formal inquiry to the relevant military command. Copies of this inquiry are often sent to the originators of the complaints for their records. Once clarification is received from the relevant command, the issue may be discussed in Congress if no resolution is reached.