What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord?

According to the Christian faith, fearing the Lord means to have reverence and respect for God and his teachings. It refers to a positive Christian attitude that results in obedience and a healthy fear of the consequences for disobeying God’s word.

According to Christianity Today, fearing God is a good thing because it prevents people from giving in to sin. Knowing someone fears God can actually establish a sense of trust for that person and a feeling that he is reliable. It may indicate that this person’s word can be trusted and that he treats others with respect.

Roman Catholics teach that the fear of God is one of the Seven Gifts of Holy Spirit. It is considered the foundation of wisdom by giving Christians a respect for God that makes them avoid doing things that would offend him.

Fear of the Lord is not the same as fearing something dangerous or negative. Instead, it is a sense of wonder that comes as a result of Christian love and respect for God. Fear of God also results in a willingness to obey him and abide by the standards set forth in the Bible. It encourages Christians to think like God and reject evil.