What Does It Mean When I Dream of a Woman in a Red Dress?

mean-dream-woman-red-dress Credit: i love images/Cultura/Getty Images

Dreaming of a woman wearing a red dress can indicate a form of compliance that is negative or dangerous. It can also be a symbol of a bad habit that one has difficulty controlling.

In dreams, the color red symbolizes joy, sexuality and aggression. In a positive aspect, red is the color of fun and passion. Negatively, red can indicate fear or anger. The type of dress the woman wears also has significance. If the dress is old-fashioned, it could mean that one has adopted an old-fashioned attitude toward something, while a high quality dress indicates prosperity.

Dreaming of someone else wearing a dress represents an aspect of one's personality that is compliant or lacking control. If the woman wearing the dress is sexually attractive, this indicates that an aspect of life is perfectly serving one's needs. In a negative context, it could mean that one's hopes and wishes are being used against him.

Specifically, dreaming of a woman in a red dress represents a sense of powerlessness or service to others that's based on dishonest intentions. It could also symbolizes a person or circumstance that one has total control over in an abusive way, or simply a dangerous situation that is completely out of control.