What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Know and They Tell You They Love You?

m01229/CC-BY 2.0

When a dream contains a confession of love, it can mean either one of two things: that the dreamer has feelings for the person who is confessing love or that the dreamer has subtly picked up on hints of romantic feelings from the one who is confessing. There are other possible meanings as well, such as the dream being a memory of the time someone said this to them.

According to Dream Moods, a dream is often a reflection of the subconscious. Whenever a person dreams, they are seeing an image of their thoughts projected into their brain. Simply put, any dream is directly related to experience in some way. The psychology behind dreams often points to desires or fears being a driving factor in the activities of the subconscious.

If a dream consists of someone confessing love, it has something to do with both that person and the sentiment of love or romance. To better understand this dream, the circumstances surrounding the relationship should be compared to the dream itself. If the dream is reoccurring, talking to the person the dream was about is a good move. However, some dreams do not mean anything at all, and there are cases where dreams should not be taken seriously.