What Does It Mean When You Dream a Skunk Sprays You?

Dreams in which a skunk sprays the dreamer can symbolize that someone in the dreamer’s life feels threatened by him, according to Dream Moods. An alternative interpretation is that the dream is representative of suppressed anger that is either aggressive or protective in nature, notes Dream Visions.

In general, the presence of a skunk in a dream can be a sign that the dreamer has been driving people away during waking hours, states Dream Moods. The dream may also be a result of the person feeling on the verge of exploding with rage because she has been keeping feelings to herself on a decision that she disapproves. Meanwhile, some dream interpreters believe that the smell of a skunk in a dream is a symbol of fear in the dreamer’s life.

Some of the most common types of dreams people experience are dreams involving teeth and falling. Dreams about teeth issues may represent literal teeth problems, so someone who frequently dreams of teeth falling out, loose teeth or other teeth-related concerns should consider seeing a dentist, according to Amy Cope. Another interpretation is that teeth dreams represent anxiety in the person’s life. One interpretation of falling dreams is that they warn that some aspect of the dreamer’s life is headed quickly in the wrong direction.