What Does It Mean When You Dream About Delivering a Baby and Seeing Its Face?

Dreaming about giving birth can mean many things, typically feelings of an individuals dependency or a new beginning, but the face of the baby may not have any real meaning. If the face is an infant form of a known person, this indicates a desire to nurture them, and the infant’s expression may reflect a current emotional state.

The presence of a baby in a dream, by itself, often means a new beginning. Perhaps a new opportunity has come, which has more potential than previously thought. Giving birth in the dream may mean this new phase in life is about to happen.

If the dream begins by going into labor or if it illustrates the trip on the way to the hospital, then it typically represents the desire to give up responsibilities and have someone else take them. If the dream entails going to the hospital, birthing the baby and seeing it, this illustrates a transition when becomes self-sustaining.

The face of the baby can have some meaning, typically in its expression. If the baby is smiling, then this can be interpreted as real-life feelings of happiness. If the baby is frowning or crying, then this indicates potential anxieties about a new path.

Faces in dreams are all faces we have seen while awake, on television or out in the world. If the face is an infantile version of an adult this typically indicates a need to nurture this person.