What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Car Being on Fire?

Dreaming about a car being on fire often means that a person is motivated in achieving their goals and is passionate about the goals or ambitions that they set for themselves, according to The Dream Collective. This is because cars represent the progress of goals or the path that the dreamer is on in life. Fire represents passion, enthusiasm and success.

Dreams are only fully interpreted when all of the facts about a dream are known. For example, if the dreamer was unable to put the fire out in the dream, this means that they may feel consumed by their goals or are feeling burnt out, according to The Dream Collective. Being able to put the fire out means that the dreamer is subconsciously aware of their ability to keep things under control, even when disaster strikes.

In some cases, dream interpreters believe that cars are also related to masculinity. This is why they are sometimes related to ego, power and sex drive in dreams. For men, sexual performance is often very important. Being unable to buy a car in a dream might indicate that the man has fears of living up to the high expectations that he has set for himself in the bedroom. Having a car that is unable to start might symbolize a man’s fear of not being able to physically perform the act of sex.