What Does It Mean If You Dream You Are Being Choked by Someone?

mean-dream-being-choked-someone Credit: Jessie Jean/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To dream of being choked by someone generally signifies suppression of emotions and thought, but the actual meaning depends on the dreamer and the person in the dream who is choking them. This dream theme may suggest that current situations are suffocating the life out of the dreamer. Feeling emotional suppression in a relationship, or being unable to honestly express oneself, can also lead to such dreams.

Dream symbols have a unique meaning for every person, so it is important that the dreamer takes the time to evaluate the overall message that resonates through the dream. The need to break free of restrictions and show one’s true personality is also indicated. It is possible that someone may be burdening the dreamer with their suggestions and opinions, and that person may have a stronghold over too many areas in the dreamer’s life.

Being strangled by someone in a dream may be a sign that the dreamer’s emotional and physical freedom is limited. It may also mean that the dreamer’s attacker suffocates him or her with so much love and attention that the dreamer feels like they are literally being choked in reality. To dream of being choked by a stranger could also signify that there is some form of danger in the environment.