What Does It Mean When the Check Engine Light Stays on in a Mercedes-Benz?

When the check engine light on a Mercedes-Benz stays on, it means that the on-board diagnostic system in the vehicle detected a problem. There are several potential triggers for the check engine light, including a loose gas cap, blown head gasket, faulty fuel injector, malfunctioning oxygen sensor, or cracked or loose hoses. The check engine light may also indicate a malfunction of the emission control system, worn spark plugs or wiring or a faulty mass air flow sensor.

When the check engine light comes on in the vehicle, it is important to take the vehicle for servicing by a qualified specialist. The specialist can perform diagnostic testing to determine the true cause of the light coming on and recommend a fix for the problem. In some cases, an immediate repair is not necessary, but fixing the problem sooner rather than later can prevent more expensive repairs at a later date.

Some service stations such as Aamco offer free checking of the check engine light. There are also devices that owners can purchase that diagnose the vehicle’s problem, ranging as low in price as $40, according to Edmunds.com. However, a flashing check engine light indicates a serious problem with the engine and the need for immediate service.