What Is an MBBS Degree?

A Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, or MBBS, is an international medical school undergraduate dual degree that typically takes 6 years and enables graduates to begin working as doctors after graduation. Since a doctorate is usually required to be a medical doctor and practice medicine in the United States, graduates who want to work in the United States need to check with state laws on the type of medical degree required for practice, notes the American Medical Association. Being licensed in one state may enable an MBBS degree holder to work in other states.

Some places that offer MBBS programs include Australia, the United Kingdom, China, India, Malaysia, Nepal and Pakistan. In such places, earning this degree leads to being able to work as a doctor, although graduates still have to register with a medical regulatory body. They also have the option to pursue further education, such as a Master of Medicine, Master of Surgery or Doctor of Medicine degree.

MBBS programs often incorporate clinical practice working with patients and research opportunities throughout each year. Students also take coursework on medical topics and specialties, with the last year focusing on preparing students for their careers. Depending on the school, students may also earn a Bachelor of Science in Medicine alongside the MBBS.