What Are Some Maytag Washer Error Codes?

Some common Maytag washing machine error codes are “Sd” or “Sud,” “oL,” “uL,” “LF” or “Ld” and “HC.” Some others are “dL,” “lid” or “dU.”

“Sd” or “Sud” indicates that there are too many suds. This is often due to using too much soap or using regular soap in a high-efficiency washer model. The “oL” error code comes up when the washer is overloaded. The code “uL” means that there is an uneven load in the washer. To fix this problem, owners can adjust the load so that it is evenly distributed. Both the “LF” and “Ld” error codes indicate a water issue. “LF” shows that the washer is taking too long to fill, while “Ld” means that is taking too long to drain. Both issues can usually be addressed by ensuring that the drain hose is properly installed and/or by clearing any clogs.

“HC” comes up when there is a problem with the hot and cold water lines coming into the machine. If this code appears, the lines are likely hooked up backwards. Reconnecting them properly should fix the problem. Lid problems lead to error codes such as “dL,” “lid” and “dU.” The code “dL” means the lid isn’t locking properly, usually because of an article in the load. The “lid” error code comes up when the lid has been left open, and the “dU” code means that the lid is not able to unlock, usually because of an object on top of the washer. More extensive code lists can be found on both the Maytag and Sears Parts Direct websites.