What Are Maytag Self-Cleaning Oven Instructions?

Natasha Sioss/Moment/Getty Images

Standard Maytag ovens require pushing a series of commands on the stove or oven’s instruction pad in order to start the self-cleaning operation. Maytag ovens with AquaLift self-cleaning technology require adding water and wiping up the loosened dirt after the self-cleaning operation is over.

For a standard Maytag oven, begin the self-cleaning operation by removing the oven racks. Lock the oven door if necessary, and push the Clean button on the instruction pad. The standard cleaning time is three hours. If the oven has a self-locking door, it remains locked for another hour of cooling time.

With a Maytag oven that has AquaLift technology, after removing the racks, it is necessary to pour 1 cup of water on the bottom of the oven. Pushing the Clean and Start buttons begins a 40-minute cleaning cycle. When it is over, any leftover water and dirt must be removed manually.