Why Does a Maytag Oven Not Heat Up?

Heating problems in a Maytag oven can be caused by problems with element functions, oven control system, fuses or oven temperature controls. Other possible causes are a faulty igniter, damaged wiring or malfunctioning pressure valve.

Sometimes a Maytag oven won’t heat up due to either the bake element or broil element burning out. Under normal conditions, these elements are glowing red with heat. Users can spot a burned element by looking for holes or blisters on the element’s surface.

Maytag oven heating problems sometimes are due to one or more surface elements not working. If the cause of the problem is not found in the oven’s heating elements, the oven control board might be malfunctioning. The control board is responsible for sending heat to oven elements. A bad control board must be replaced.

Another common reason for an oven not heating is a malfunctioning igniter. In gas ovens, the igniter must glow for longer than 90 seconds to ignite gas flames. An igniter that fails to open the gas valve must be replaced. The oven’s thermal fuse may have blown out, which can happen when oven temperature gets too hot. It’s also a good idea to check the fuse box to see how much voltage power is flowing to the oven. Typically, electric ovens require 220 volts of electrical current to produce heat.