What If My Maytag Dryer Won’t Heat?

If a Maytag electric dryer does not heat, one of the most common reasons is a defective heating element. The heating element is not repairable and requires replacement. Test the element with the dryer unplugged using an ohm meter set to the R-1 position. A defective element returns an infinity reading, according to EasyApplianceParts.com.

Both gas and electric dryers have a thermal fuse. Test the fuse for continuity in the same manner as the heating element. It is not possible to reset a thermal fuse, and the unit requires replacement.

Dryers have temperature sensors that control the heating element. While it is possible to test them with an ohm meter, it is necessary to know their resistance at room temperature to determine if they are defective.

If a Maytag gas dryer does not heat, the problem is often a defective igniter. If it does not heat and glow at a hot-enough temperature, the flame does not light and the clothes do not dry.

The cabinets of different models of dryers open in different ways, but most have a removable panel at the front or back of the appliance and a top that pops open to allow access to the unit. If the replacement parts are required, the appliance parts store will need the model and serial number of the Maytag dryer.