Are All Maytag Appliances Made in the USA?

Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Maytag operates two manufacturing plants within the United States, while other products are manufactured overseas or in Mexico. The Maytag Corporation was acquired by Whirlpool in 2006. Prior to this purchase, Maytag operated 12 manufacturing plants within the United States and two in Mexico.

As of 2015, the only remaining U.S. Maytag plants are in Cleveland, Tennessee, and Amana, Iowa. The Tennessee plant manufactures Maytag laundry and kitchen appliances, while the Iowa plant assembles top-compartment and French-door-model refrigerators. Maytag utilizes Whirlpool factories in Clyde, Ohio, and Marion, Ohio, for assembly of its Maxima and Bravos series of washers and dryers. Maytag dishwashers are also manufactured in Ohio, at Whirlpool’s Findlay plant.