How Do You Maximize Your Internet Connection Speed?

Tooga/Stone/Getty Images

Internet connection speed can be maximized by changing DNS settings, contacting the ISP and adjusting DSL or cable settings. One of the first steps to take is to check the Internet connection by testing upload and download speeds. The numbers should be similar to those claimed by the ISP for the Internet plan purchased.

The length of time it takes for a Web page to load or a file to download depends on the DNS server settings. These settings are set to default automatically, meaning they may not provide the best service. The settings can be changed so Internet traffic goes through a closer or faster server. If the Internet connection speed is still relatively slow, it may indicate a problem with the ISP. In this case, place a call to the ISP, who can run diagnostics and implement fixes on their end.

Finally, a tweak test can diagnose inconsistencies in the Internet connection speed and suggest how cable settings can be modified to optimize the Internet browsing experience. This step should be taken carefully as even a small speed tweak can create system instability. If the Internet connection speed is already at an acceptable level, it may be best to leave settings as they are.