What Materials Are Needed to Build a 10′ X 12′ Deck?

The National Retail Hardware Association shows that the type of lumber used in building a deck determines the rest of materials needed for the project. For instance, the organization explains that the size and species of the wood, such as pressure-treated lumber, determines the spacing between the joists, so people may check recommendations for decking and beam spacing when looking for the right materials.

In addition to the lumber and joists needed to complete the deck, other materials include safety materials, such as gloves and safety goggles. Hardware retailer Lowe’s also includes an extensive list of materials for people building decks that includes practical tools, such as a hammer, caulk gun, ratchet and sockets, line level, water level, 4-foot level, carriage bolts, nails, lag screws and galvanized deck screws.

Lowe’s also lists a drill, chisel, hand saw, power miter saw, a circular saw and a Mason’s cord among other materials needed to build a deck. Many people may overlook the shovel, wheelbarrow and posthole digger, but Lowe’s lists them among the materials for making a deck. Stand-off post anchors, caulk, a pry bar, framing square and J-bolts also put the deck together. People building their decks may check NRHA and Lowe’s recommendations to find specific sizes and dimensions of these materials.