How Do You Do a Master Reset on a Sony Vaio Laptop?

Perform a master reset on a Sony Vaio computer by powering the device off, pressing the Assist button and pressing F10. When prompted, select the keyboard layout you prefer and the troubleshoot option followed by the option for system recovery. Insert a USB drive to save any data you need.

  1. Power the computer off

    While the Vaio does not require a recovery disk, the system must be off to access system recovery using the assist mode. Press and hold the Power button to shut down the machine. Do not use the Windows option to shut down the machine.

  2. Press the Assist button

    The Assist button enters the machine into the rescue mode. From this screen, choose F10 to start the process. Select the desired keyboard layout and enter the troubleshooting mode. When prompted, select the system recovery mode for a factory reset of the device.

  3. Save data

    The factory reset cleans all data from the hard drive. Save important items to an external drive when the system prompts the action. The choice to skip rescue allows you to proceed without saving any data.

  4. Follow the prompts

    The machine asks a series of questions to ensure you want to restore it to the factory settings. Follow the prompts, and wait for the recovery to complete. Once it is complete, restart the computer.