What Does Mary Poppins Wear?

In the movie version of “Mary Poppins,” the title character wears costumes that include hats, ankle-length skirts, tailored jackets and heeled boots. Her accessories include an umbrella and a carpet bag.

Throughout most of the movie, Mary Poppins wears period attire consisting of simple skirted suits, a white ruffled blouse, a feminine bow tie and Victorian-style lace-up boots. Her clothing is simple, but shows a flair of imagination and excellent tailoring and fitted waists. She often wears a simple black brimmed boater hat adorned with flowers, such as daisies. Often, the only splashes of color appear in bowties, shoes or hats. However, in one scene, she wears a frilly white dress with a matching wide-brimmed hat.

Mary Poppins has some fairly unique accessories. She is often associated with her umbrella, which doubles as a flight device when she is not using it as a shield from the rain and sun. She also carries a very large carpet bag that has the magic ability to hold a full-sized lamp within its depths.

The film version of “Mary Poppins” is depicted much differently from the original character in the books by P.L. Travers. In the book, “Mary Poppins,” the title character wears very basic suits with long skirts paired with a hat.