What Mary Kay Supplies Are Included in the Starter Package?

The Mary Kay starter bag kit includes retail-sized products, samplers for potential customers, and brochures and DVDs with tips to getting started. All of this can be purchased for $100.

Everything that is included in the starter kit comes in a compact caddy that can be used for transporting the supplies to Mary Kay parties. Products included in the starter kit are the Satin Hands Pampering Set, the TimeWise Moisturizer and 3-in-1 Cleanser, and TimeWise skincare samplers.

For hosting parties to start off the business, the caddy also includes mirrors with trays and disposable mixing trays used to hold the product for testing on the potential customers. Disposable wipes are also included to remove makeup from faces. Color cards to match different eye colors, along with customer profile slips, are included to match makeup colors and shades appropriately to each individual.

The Beauty Book and Look Catalogue that are included give customers the opportunity to see what kinds of makeup and skincare products are being offered at the time. The new beauty consultant will also receive a copy of the Mary Kay Autobiography called “Miracles Happen,” the “Start Something Beautiful” magazine, the “Ready, Set, Sell!” Brochure, and the “Start Something Beautiful” DVD.