What Does Marriage in a Dream Mean?

Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

Getting married in a dream can have symbolic meanings like a transitional phase, the merging of different aspects of the dreamer’s personality or even about coming to terms with a past relationship if the marriage involves an ex-lover. The interpretation of a marriage dream may depend on the type of marriage that occurs in the dream, such as an arranged marriage, or the people involved in the marriage.

While what marriage means in a dream depends on other details of the dream as well as personal associations, marriage does often symbolize some kind of transition or commitment. A marriage in a dream may represent the union of once disparate aspects of the personality of the dreamer, such as aspects that the dreamer perceives as being masculine or feminine.

If a dreamer dreams of marrying a former lover, or even a former spouse, it could represent acceptance and learning from issues with that particular relationship, or it could symbolize parallels between a past and current relationship. Dreaming of taking part in an arranged marriage could represent a situation in which a dreamer feels powerless. A wedding in a dream can represent apprehension about certain commitments, or just a significantly transitional event in general.