How Many Ways Can You Make 25 Cents in Change?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 13, 2020 12:02:48 AM ET
George Diebold/The Image Bank/Getty Images

An individual can use one of 13 ways to make 25 cents in change. A total of 25 cents in change can be made from as little as a single quarter to as many as 25 pennies.

By combining pennies and nickels, 25 cents can be made out of 20 pennies and one nickel, 15 pennies and two nickels, 10 pennies and three nickels, or five pennies and four nickels. Using dimes and pennies, 25 cents in change can be made from 15 pennies and one dime or five pennies and two dimes. Using a combination of nickels and dimes, 25 cents in change can be made from two dimes and one nickel or one dime and three nickels.

Combining nickels, pennies and dimes, 25 cents worth of change can be made from five pennies, two nickels and one dime or 10 pennies, one nickel and one dime. Using only nickels, 25 cents in change can be made from five nickels. Individuals can make 1 cent of change only one way, but there are two ways to make 5 cents of change, four ways to make 10 cents of change, 50 ways to make 50 cents in change and 293 ways to make a dollar's worth of change.