How Many Watts Does a PS3 Use?

A first-generation PS3 uses about 206.9 watts while the user is playing a game or 172.79 while playing a Blu-ray movie, but the console continues to use 1.22 watts when it is in standby mode or 171.35 watts when it is idling. The PS3 Slim consumes far less power than the first-generation PS3 – just 96.24 watts for playing a game, 80.9 for playing a Blu-ray movie, 0.36 watt in standby or 75.19 watts while idling.

To compare the PS3’s power consumption to other consoles, the XBox 360 uses 187 watts for playing games, and the Nintendo Wii uses 19 watts for playing games. A standalone Blu-ray player uses far less power than either PS3 model; the Samsung BD-P3600 uses 21.91 watts to play a Blue-ray disc, for example.