How Many Wars Are Going on in the World Right Now?

Chris Clor/Blend Images/Getty Images

There are 10 official wars and 8 active military conflicts recognized by the United States. There are also other violent conflicts involving 64 countries and 576 militias and separatist groups.

The four ongoing conflicts with the highest number of casualties (at least 10,000 deaths per year) are the Syrian Civil War, the civil war in South Sudan, the war in Afghanistan, and the Mexican Drug War. Those with more than 1,000 deaths include the Yemeni Civil War, the Somali Civil War, the Kurdish-Turkish conflict, conflicts in Nigeria, the war in Darfur, the Boko Haram insurgency, the Libyan crisis, the Sinai insurgency, the South Kordofan conflict. and the South Sudanese Civil War. Beyond this is the ever complex war with terrorists throughout the world like ISIL and Al-Qaeda.