How Many Tires Are Used in a NASCAR Race?

John Harrelson/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

NASCAR teams may use between nine and 14 sets of tires in a race, which comes to between 36 and 56 total tires. Multiply those figures by 43 cars that can potentially finish, and 1,548 to 2,408 tires can be used in a single race, as of September 2014.

The number of sets allowed per each team varies based upon the type of track and the length of the race. Each tire costs $449 each, and teams spend an average of $20,000 on tires for a single race. Tires lasts about 100 miles on a NASCAR track. They are 11.5 inches wide with a weight of 24 pounds each. Goodyear manufactures 18 different tires for NASCAR teams over an entire season.