How Many Teaspoons of Sugar Are in a 20-Ounce Bottle of Mountain Dew?

A 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew contains 19.25 teaspoons of sugar. Each bottle contains 77 grams of sugar, with 4 grams being equal to 1 teaspoon. Mountain Dew is a soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo.

In a 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew, there are 290 calories per serving. Similarly, this drink contains 100 milligrams of sodium, 91 milligrams of caffeine and 10 milligrams of potassium. It also does not provide any fats or protein.

The sweetener found in Mountain Dew is high fructose corn syrup. Some other ingredients in this soda are carbonated water, concentrated orange juice, gum arabic, citric acid, sodium citrate and sodium benzoate.